Anti-Bullying Post Imogen Gallagher

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11 Responses to Anti-Bullying Post Imogen Gallagher

  1. nhooton.311 says:

    This is a great piece of work – it gets the message across and is stunning visually!
    Mr H

  2. studc says:

    Wow Immy! Looks really effective.

  3. Thomas Healy says:

    MAKE A NOISE!!!!!
    Well done 🙂

  4. Isobel says:

    Wow Imogen that’s brilliant.

  5. Ryan says:

    I think it is fantastic!!!!! How do you do it? Great work.
    Ryan Elsworth.

  6. holtn says:

    I think this is a very good piece of work and love how you really did make a noise, you may not have physically but it really stands out! well done Immy!!
    from Nathan H

  7. Ryan says:

    It is fantastic!!!!! How do you do it? Very detailed work.
    Ryan Elsworth

  8. Grace says:

    Amazing work on Anti-Bulling Imogen it is really effective and it gets the word across really well!

  9. Cian says:

    I love what you have done Imogen, this has really got a message across
    Cian Bush

  10. fitzl says:

    I think this bullying notice can really get a message across
    to younger or older Children.

    Well done,Imogen

  11. Ryan says:

    One more thing, if you do more work like this when you’re older you could become a author maybe a poet.
    Ryan Elsworth

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